Advertising Benefits & Fees



  • Your RV park's classified listing on your home state page. Listing contains your campground's name, a brief description, your contact information and a link to your park's individual data sheet page (described below).

  • Your park's very own individual data sheet page. You access a complete administration area allowing you to add as much or as little information as you wish to describe your park, it's facilities, terms & conditions of the sale, photos, links to your park's website, etc. This administration area enables you to add/edit/delete any of the information 24/7.

  • We provide the Internet traffic specifically interested in the purchasing of campgrounds in the U.S. We pay for and/or develop high search engine rankings for our website, this benefits you as individuals and corporations look to purchase campgrounds. (please read our disclaimer for more information)



  • All for $175 (current offer of just $125*) one time fee, you keep your listing on our website until sold! You will have the benefit of viewing your ad, the data sheet page and access to the edit area of your data sheet page immediately after your payment is processed. This way you will see your ad online, make changes or adjustments on the spot without having to wait for someone else to get it done for you.

  • To get started simply click the RED "Start Your Ad" button and follow our step by step instructions OR if you would like help placing your ad call us TOLL FREE 1-866-941-2976.

* We are currently LOW on stock (our stock is campgrounds for sale). So for the next 10 4 listings we have reduced our listing fees.